Let's see if we can answer some questions.

What is Spring Storage?

Spring Storage is a full-service, valet storage company, offering pickup and delivery of household or business items. Gone are the days of loading up the family car for the dreaded trip to the storage unit. Spring Storage provides a top-quality storage solution with personalized plans to meet your unique needs. Experience self-storage without the hassle and let us do the heavy lifting.

How does Spring Storage work?

Once you have selected a storage plan and complete your account, Spring Storage will arrive at your location at your chosen date and time. Spring Storage will then load your items for you into our truck or van and take them to our secure storage facility. Spring Storage employees will take a photo inventory and tag your items for storage. Once your items are stored securely, you can look at your stored items online in your account. If you need something out of storage, just select the item and Spring Storage will deliver it right to your door within 48 hours. Spring Storage will deliver up to 3 items per month, which is included in the price of the chosen plan. After 3 items, there will be a $5 charge per item per delivery.

How is Spring Storage different than self-storage?

Unlike traditional self-storage, Spring Storage comes directly to you, picks up your stuff and stores it in our secure facility. No longer must you cart heavy items in your own car to a dark and confusing storage lot. Spring Storage will also bring your item(s) back on demand, whenever you need them. All we ask is that your items are packed up and ready to go before our employees arrive.

What can I store?

Bins, boxes, couches, mattresses, dressers, tables, bikes, refrigerators, washers, dryers... you name it, except for the following:

  • Liquids of any kind
  • Food or Perishables
  • Illegal or controlled substances
  • Hazardous materials
  • Living things e.g. plants, animals...
  • Vehicles
  • Pianos, pool tables, large exercise equipment
  • High value items, antiques, etc.

What if I need more storage space?

Sometimes the number of items does not fit the chosen plan for each customer. Spring Storage is always able to add space to your plan if necessary. If you need to add items to your plan or decrease the amount of storage space in your plan, you may do so at any time.

What is a SpringBoxTM?

A SpringBoxTM is our high-quality bins that are 24"x20"x12" and have lockable, enclosable lids. Spring Storage will deliver our SpringBoxTM right to your door are available for rent or purchase. You can use them to organize space in your home or use them for storage.

Tote dimensions

How does pricing work?

Our 2 smaller plans have no added fees, the pick up and delivery is included. Our 3 larger plans do require a $99 pick up fee on initial pick up. There are no hidden fees, what you see on our pricing page is what you pay.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.

What is a SpringBoxTM?

A SpringBoxTM is our fancy name for the high-quality totes or bins that are 24"x20"x12" and have lockable, enclosable lids.

Can I store things other than SpringBoxes?

Yes! As part of your selected plan you will be able to store a certain number of other items. Think of an item as anything that doesn't fit into a SpringBox. Lamps, bikes, couches, mattresses, refrigerators

How do I receive my initial SpringBoxesTM?

After you sign-up, we will reach out to you in order to schedule the initial drop off of your SpringBoxesTM

How do I get something back?

Login to your Spring account, select the item or bin that you would like to be delivered and we will bring it to you.